Anja Frydendal, CMT

Dedicated, Intuitive, Therapeutic Touch

I am an avid learner and admirer of all forms of healing arts, bodywork, and human movement. As a teenager in the Seattle area, I was deeply invested in the theatre, and working in the technical theatre industry for 10 years gave me a great appreciation for hard work and ample opportunities to study the movement of the human body. A festival was my introduction to Reiki energy work, and two years later I found myself moving to Portland, Oregon to learn the art of massage therapy. After graduating from East-West College of the Healing Arts in 2008, I acquired my massage licensing in both Oregon and Washington states. It was love which brought me to Grass Valley, California, where I was also found a local school where I was able to deepen my understanding and practice of Traditional Thai Massage. In September 2017, I became licensed to practice massage in Colorado, allowing me the ability to travel to various states providing bodywork to those who want it.


I am passionate about many things, with bodywork, bellydance and aikido topping the mix. I believe that being centered in your body allows you to be centered in your daily life. I believe that fluidity of movement is a major key to the release of muscle tension and tightness. I utilize the philosophy of fluidity and centeredness in all my practices, be it during a table-top massage, a Thai session on the mat, or in my day-to-day life on the dance floor or in the dojo.

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