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Hand-Crafted Products

Nourishing Salves, Body Butters, Heating Packs and more.

I take a hands-on approach to many different things in life. Beyond massage, I also prefer to hand-craft many of my own products. From baked goods and meals to heating pads, herbal packs, body-butters and salves, everything that I handle is made with love and good intentions. While I don't offer everything I create up for sale, listed below are the items that I am able to share with you.


I'll Salve You!

My signature line of Salves and Body Butters

Sometimes, the massage can't happen. Other times, you just really like the product.

I'll Salve You! brings you hand-crafted salves and body butters made with solar-infused herbal oils, organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and essential oils.

Hand-Made Heating Packs

Soothe aching muscles with hot or cold therapy.

Some days you just can't get in for a massage. Maybe you can't drive, or your massage therapist is already booked out. If you are at a loss for what you can do, hot and cold therapy can alleviate pain by bringing blood to stiff muscles (hot) or flushing blood away from an injury (cold).


These hand-made heating packs work well for both hot and cold therapy. The interior cover is made of cotton, filled with rice, and may be segmented so not all the heat falls to one particular area. The exterior cover is made of washable polar fleece to help insulate the warmth from escaping too quickly.

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