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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Bodywork and Thai Fusion Massage

Enjoy a treatment on the mat made complete with warm, herbal compresses. Relax your mind while I stretch and massage your body in a deep, blissful treatment.

You can choose from a Traditional Northern Style Thai Massage or a Thai Fusion Massage, which combines traditional Thai bodywork with Deep Tissue, a little Shiatsu, movement therapy and aromatherapy. Traditional herbal compresses come standard with any mat-work at no additional charge.


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Thai Bodywork

What is a Thai Massage and Why should I get one?

That massage is an ancient, eastern modality, developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand 2,500 years ago. It was taught and passed down through families as a way to relieve sore muscles from hard days of labor in the fields. Thai massage uses gentle, rhythmic pressure and passive stretching along various energy lines of the body to relieve muscle and joint tension, increase flexibility and mobility, and balance the body’s energy systems. Traditional herbal packs are used for relaxation, and the heat and herbs have a deep impact on the body. Traditional Thai Massage has spiritual roots, with the purpose of healing a person on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Traditional Thai Massage takes place on a mat on the floor, but variations can be performed on a massage table. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, such as gym shorts, sweats or yoga pants, and a T-shirt or tank top, during your Thai massage. Also known as “Yoga for Lazy People” or “Yoga that Works as Massage” because your therapist will take you through various stretches and positions without any work on your part. The therapist will utilize their whole body - from their hands, forearms, elbows and even feet and knees - to move your body into various positions during the massage and (when receiving a table-top Thai massage) may occasionally be on the table with you during the treatment.

Benefits of Thai massage include:

 - improves circulation

 - relaxes muscle tension

 - lengthening muscles through progressive, assisted stretching

 - increase in range of motion for the joints

 - bolstering the function of the body’s immune system

 - promotes a meditative state allowing balance of the nervous system

 - improves nervous system disorders

 - promotes optimum function in the sinuses, skin, and circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems

Thai Herbal Packs and Massage

What goes into those herbal compresses, anyway?

Although you can absolutely receive a Thai Massage without them, Thai Herb Packs give additional benefits during a Thai Massage.


The packs are steamed in the treatment room, allowing the essential oils of the ingredients to be released into the air, along with creating a level of humidity in the room. Your therapist will use the herb packs as hot compresses (wrapped in a cloth so they won't burn your body) as an extension of her hands as she massages your muscles. The heat penetrates through your clothes, helping to relax the muscles and bringing circulation to the area where they are being used. You may be given a slightly-cooled herb pack to hold onto; you can rest it behind your head, on your stomach, or even hold it in your hands if you find that they are often chilled. In most cases, Thai Herb Packs are a luxury that many prefer to receive, and they do come standard with all of my Thai Massage treatments.

List of Thai Herb Pack ingredients:

Siamese yellow ginger, cinnamon leaves, lemongrass, kaffir lime peels and leaves, eucalyptus leaves, fatalijone, turmeric, camphor and borneol flakes.


Depending on the season, your herb packs may also contain the following fresh ingredients:

Lavender, California curry plant, yarrow, rosemary, mint, basil, spearmint, ginger, turmeric, jasmine, California bay, rose petals, sage, thyme, yerba santa, comfrey or mullein.


Check out the Herb Pack Making Process below!

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